Women World

You might have think if women rules the world, what will happen?


1. Boys have to do delivery Job !!! and here is the lateral structure of such scenario.

Women world (1)

2. Obviously he have to carry the baby during pregnancy!!!

Women world (5) 


3. All Historic Art will be like thisWomen world (2)

4. All Traffic signal light will reflect women rules: Pedestrian light is no longer an anonymous toy, all labeled with women's gown.Women world (3)

5. It is no wonder they will invert a wonder.


Women world (4)


6. Oh gosh, Bowling too changed Pink

  Women world (6)

7. Biggest comedy in women's world, American Pro Football will have an uniform like this. what to say?? nothing…..

Women world (7)

8. Oh god Maxim too is no for girls.. All Gents Pictures.. For ladies it will be so hot.

Women world (8)


9. Obvious Car alteration for make up kid in women’s world car. what will be the name of this car??Women world (9)

9. WOODLANDS will produce the shoes only for girls like this. Woodland heels.

 Women world (10)10. Where is the Horn here man?? Chances for accident?? but beautiful accident huh..!!!

Women world (11) 11. This is not Mobile Phone, it is Make up phone

Women world (12)

11. Thank god for women’s not ruling the world, else i should bear this kind of illsWomen world (13) 12. Good Time for Girls: Bad time for Boys : Hence Proved


Women world (14)

13. Bullet turns lipstick, man turns match sticks… :(

 Women world (15)

14. Atleast we need seperate bathroom maam… Womens World is Dangerous to peeing



Women world

Thank God for Not Bring me in the women’s World.. !!!!!

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