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Top 10 Fastest Growing US Cities

Here is the list of top 10 Fastest growing Cities in United States of America (USA), these datas are collected based on the population growing in that particular cities, but one thing we have to keep our eye in keen is all these 10 cities are very closer to canda not more than 100 miles distance, Los Angeles is having a big count, but it is not fastly growing in its population these are the cities shows rapid growth in its population, If Population is growing faster it directly implicit the economy of that city and condition that exist there that people can survive liberally in their own foot. Most of the Tier I cities loosing their population from their core areas and people do migrate themselves to suburbs because of cheap cost of living. While comparing these datas with China and India the count is too low, but shrinks in some extent towards business. The Fastest Growing Cities List Rank Cities State Population on 7/1/2006