Jul 21, 2008

India: Tamil Film Actor Rajni Kanth Beats Worlds One of the Richest Person Mukesh Ambani's Salary

Jul 21, 2008

Rajni's sivaji beat several records, it was a mega budget project, also RajniKanth bags the amount of Rs 20 Crore plus from that film alone, for that he gave the callsheet of only 100 days, it is not a matter here.

for kuselan his salary would be more than he earns from sivaji, this is the point here to take a deep breath,
Whether Rajni's per day salary beat's Mukesh Ambani's Salary due to Kuselan's salary to rajni??? this is the question to mark here..

Here is some little calculation how he beats mukesh ambani..

Rajni breaks his own record for a star who bags higher salary in India, no one in india collects this much of huge salary, but he never wantedly need that all because of his star value.
Some of them in Kollywood murmering that Rajni's salry in Kuselan is about Rs. 23 crores,
also one thing we have to make a mark here is Rajni only gave 15 days callsheet for his portion of shooting in kuselan.

For 2007-2008 Mukesh Ambani's Single man Salary calculated to be Rs. 44 Crores per annum (10.67176 million U.S. dollars), if we diveded this into 365 for per day salary, it would touch Rs 44crore/365 gives Rs. 12 Lakhs(aprox) ($30317.5) per day

For Rajni Kanth, Kuselan Salary is Rs. 23 Crore (5.57842 million U.S. dollars) if we calculate it for one day it would be nearer to Rs.2 Crore 53 Lakhs..($606350) ( Bravo )..For this 15 Days. So in this 15 days he ears Rs. 2 Crore 53 Lakhs per day.

Did u get this calculation?, that is why i am saying Rajni Kanth earns more than Mukesh Ambani in per day basis.

At the same time Kuselan's overall shooting finished within 75 days at a cost of 5 crores, however some rights for the film already sold over 65 crores at an average.

This is called Star Value of Rajni, who satisfyes his fan's dream..

Jul 20, 2008

Highly Paid Celebrity Baby Photos - List with Top 10 Baby Names | Baby Photos

Jul 20, 2008

Data as per the year 2008
We heard about the Hot celebrity Baby. But there is a huge competition there in Media market to publish the first baby photo, ( though they earn as much with this huge amount to be paid??), Recently these bidding for baby photos was lamented by media for angelina Joulie's delivery. Also for Nicole Kidman's daughter.

Actually the bidding war to capture the rights to first baby photos of celebrity offspring has reached the point of absurdity. Back in 1989, Lisa Marie Presley was paid $100,000 for first photos of her baby. After that People continuously eager to see the baby photo of all the celebrities. People eagerness makeup media to publish their magazines at a peak rate, because there are huge fans for Hollywood celebrities which we have to accept,

One thing we appreciate about Nicole kidman and urban is they never want to sell their baby photo Sunday Rose..

Here comes the list of amount paid for celebrities for selling their baby photos
No. Names Amount Magazines
1 Knox Leon Jolie - Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie - Pitt $11 Million Likely to be paid by People Magazine
2 Max Anthony and Emme Anthony $6 Million People Magazine
3 Shloh Nouvel Jolie - Pitt $4.1 Million People Magazine(Hello Magazine - $3.5 Million for British Rights)
4 Levi Alves McConaughey $3 Million OK Magazine
5 Dannilynn Smith $2 Million OK Magazine
6 Pax Thien Jolie Pitt $2 Million People Magazine
7 Max Liron Bratman $1.5 Million People Magazine
8 Honor Marie Warren $1.5 Million People Magazine
9 Harlow Winter Kate Madden $1 Million People Magazine
10 Maddie Briann Aldridge $1 Million OK Magazine

Here is the Photos of Celebrity Babies

Salma Hayek Baby Valentina

Tiger Woods with His baby Elin and Sam

Tori with her Baby Liam Mcdermott

Angelina Jolie's Baby Shiloh Pitt

Christina Augilera Baby

Tom Cruise Baby Vanity Fair Suri

Jennifer Lopez's baby Emme

Nicole Riche and Harlow Winter Kate Madden

Salary Report


People all over the world are common in one sense, its salary..
After getting salary they spent it lavishly, here is one of the funniest pictures that depicts how a man change himself after getting salary narrated with a dog.

By this time who are all sleeping outside uh... .LOL :-)

Before Salary

After Salary

Jul 19, 2008

Top 10 Fastest Growing US Cities

Jul 19, 2008

Here is the list of top 10 Fastest growing Cities in United States of America (USA), these datas are collected based on the population growing in that particular cities, but one thing we have to keep our eye in keen is all these 10 cities are very closer to canda not more than 100 miles distance, Los Angeles is having a big count, but it is not fastly growing in its population these are the cities shows rapid growth in its population, If Population is growing faster it directly implicit the economy of that city and condition that exist there that people can survive liberally in their own foot. Most of the Tier I cities loosing their population from their core areas and people do migrate themselves to suburbs because of cheap cost of living. While comparing these datas with China and India the count is too low, but shrinks in some extent towards business.

The Fastest Growing Cities List
Rank Cities State Population on 7/1/2006 Population on 7/1/2005
1 North Las Vegas city Nevada 197,567 176,527
2 McKinney city Texas 107,530 96,805
3 Port St. Lucie city Florida 143,868 130,959
4 Cape Coral city Florida 151,389 139,986
5 Gilbert town Arizona 191,517 177,653
6 Grand Prairie city Texas 153,812 144,352
7 Peoria city Arizona 142,024 134,259
8 Cary town North Carolina 112,414 106,963
9 Denton city Texas 109,561 104,264
10 Lancaster city California 140,804 134,106

Rank Cities State Change Percent Numerical Change
1 North Las Vegas city Nevada 11.9 21,040
2 McKinney city Texas 11.1 10,725
3 Port St. Lucie city Florida 9.9 12,909
4 Cape Coral city Florida 8.1 11,403
5 Gilbert town Arizona 7.8 13,864
6 Grand Prairie city Texas 6.6 9,460
7 Peoria city Arizona 5.8 7,765
8 Cary town North Carolina 5.1 5,451
9 Denton city Texas 5.1 5,297
10 Lancaster city California 5 6,698

But By associated Press Data the List may vary by

1. Palm Coast, Fla.: 7.2 percent
2. St. George, Utah: 5.1 percent
3. Raleigh-Cary, N.C.: 4.7 percent
4. Gainesville, Ga.: 4.5 percent
5. Austin-Round Rock, Texas: 4.3 percent
6. Myrtle Beach-Conway-N.C.-Myrtle Beach, S.C.: 4.2 percent
7. Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, N.C.-S.C.: 4.2 percent
8. New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, La.: 4 percent
9. Grand Junction, Colo.: 3.7 percent
10. Clarksville, Tenn.-Ky.: 3.7 percent

Source: The Associated Press, Paul J. Weber (03/27/08)

Download Football Video | Funny Football Clips | Funny Football | Soccer Video


Funny Football Videos.. I wonder about this kind of Football kicks,

Jul 15, 2008

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool now showing Search Volume Numbers | is that Boon or Bane?

Jul 15, 2008

While surfing net I accidentally saw Google Adwords Keyword tool and i was amazed that it showing the search volume, On seeing this i was shocked about this google's new update, because whether it gives good or bad things for online marketing people.

This addition of search volume numbers will help a lot but in the same time we have to think in another perspective, in the past times people used inventory.overture tool for knowing keyword count which is a yahoo owned product, now Search engine mamooth google itself providing its own count volume for google searches, by doing so all the marketing people will then only focus on google search engine and they will forget all the other SE's (especially yahoo).

What happend to yahoo?? What happend to their keyword (inventory.overture.com) tool??
In olden days google never let any quantitative datas for their all other results, but now they do, why?? to create a high competetion ?? or a marketing strategy?? Here is the snap of inventory.overture.com search result

Particularly SEO's will use only this services for their Site Optimization, It is hard to discuss about this Good new feature of Google.

In Google Adwords Keyword tool new search volume, all the search volumes are approximate volume of last 12 months searched, here is the Google Adwords help link..
I just highlighted down the approximate data on that page down here,
  • Search volume fluctuation: Web traffic is influenced by seasonality, current events, and a number of other factors. The level of search volume on your keywords, therefore, is constantly fluctuating.
  • Location and language targeting: If you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign's country and language targeting (if you target a region or city, only the country will be reflected). If you use the standalone or external Keyword Tools, your country and language selections will influence these statistics. Learn about the different versions of the Keyword Tool.
  • Match type: The Keyword Tool's statistics vary depending on your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If you select Broad or Phrase, the tool will factor in certain variations of your keywords that could potentially trigger your ads. Learn about keyword match types.
  • Date range: The Approx Search Volume [Previous Month] column shows search volume statistics for the last calendar month. The Approx Avg Search Volume column shows average monthly search volume over a recent 12-month period.
So with this approximate value people can judge their hot adwords that has good CTR's.
Already google is dominating in its own way in internet field, by adding feature like this it will totally submerged its competent.

Google's domination is like Umbrella corporation in the film Resident Evil :)

Yes, Google's domination will make some pain towards its competetors, so google will rule the world in the future.

The biggest success strategy of google is it delivers what people needs and passion towards work, thats the reason it totally stumble the www.

It also shows some numbers in google trends also.
One big thought that whenever a company going towards its peak some hypocryters will do their best to drop from its place, that is being happen in google, in google trends a spam attempt was conducted to make people think that this result is fake, here comes the picture as an example that shows the shwastika symbol,

which is famous in India by means of worshiping lord vinayak, also a tilted is a hitlers symbol.. but it had a high traffic for that particular symbol...

what to say??? it s all about google.. and i am sure that google will develope some kind of suitable softwares to hack these spamers out, every one hate em rite??? :P

But showing count volume in this big crowd that has plenty of intelligent engineers creates a heavy competetion between the peers.

Is that Boon or Bane??

you decide !!!!

Jul 9, 2008

Iraq Terrorist Attack: Bomb | Bomb Attack | Bomb Video | Truck Bomb

Jul 9, 2008

The worrying thing in Iraq is their peace gone away due to several terrorist attack, we might heard about the bombing in various country due to terrorist attack, but we have to show our condolence to the people who died of that attack, you know how cruel it is... !!!

NYtimes latest report shows some of the worrying thing...

The new statistics record a rise in terrorist attacks on nonmilitary targets globally to 14,338 in 2006 from 11,153 in 2005, with an increase in deaths to 20,498 from 14,618. But Iraq alone accounted for nearly half of all the attacks and about two-thirds of fatalities, according to the report, “Country Reports on Terrorism, 2006,” posted Monday on the State Department’s Web site.

Really we have to condemn about that, Here i found one of the cruel video that shows the effect of iraq attack... Alash... So so cruel it is.. Lets stop war and Terrorism and grow Peace between and Inside the nation.

Give me your valuable Comments Please.

Jul 8, 2008

Forbes New Survey on Top Richest Person: In 2017, which country will have the most billionaires?

Jul 8, 2008

Growing Economy of India paves several other countries a faint in its Lap, All due to a Rapid growth of a Particular Country , accidentally i saw a survey of forbes which is being taken for "In 2017, which country will have the most billionaires?" ( you can surf forbes website and make your vote there) What make me to get amaze is the results of this survey as on July 08, 2008.

Yes India leads the Race, Its a Humble moment for Indians, The Results soon will get retrieved and India will deliver much more Billionaires to the world. After Independence it is a big revolution even with a huge corruption in politics side, India stands in its style.

What to say about population, it is a boon as well as a bane theory for researchers!!
For Business mens India is a big land to market their product with social media marketing and media marketing with huge population in its advantage,
On an another side for Government it is harder to seperate welfare fund to distribute all to the last man of the village.

On July 08, 2008.
14:05:51 / 2:05:51 p.m. (GMT) the vote details Including my vote are as follows (Total Votes Recorded by the time is 20346)

India - 46%
China - 21 %
United States - 18 %
Russia - 6 %
Japan - 2 %
Brazil - 2 %
Canada - 1 %
Germany - 1 %
United Kingdom - 1 %
France - 0 %
Don't Know - 2%

Here is the snapshot of the survey page i have taken...
It is true that Top 10 Billionaires list has 4 Indians in its row..
  • Steel giant Lakshmi Mittal placed fourth with 45 billion dollars at 4th Place,
  • tycoon Mukesh Ambani placed fifth with 43 billion dollars at 5th place,
  • Anil Ambani at sixth position with 42 billion dollars
  • Property magnate K.P. Singh came in eighth on the list, with a fortune estimated at 30 billion dollars.

Lets wait until the whole result get published.. Till then lets discuss in blogs and give your comments..

Nicole Kidman: 40 Years old: Gives Birth to Baby Girl Sunday on Monday


Hot Hot Hot.. Yes the Famous Hollywood (Australian) Actor Nicole Kidman gave birth to a baby girl on Monday morning, July 7, 2008, in the United States. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban weighed 6 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces in Nashville hospital.

Kidman Urban published a message on his Web log that said: "
Earlier this morning Nic gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. We want to thank everybody that has kept us in their thoughts and prayers. We feel very blessed and grateful that we can share this joy with all of you today."

Kidman is 40 years old, she won an oscar for the film "The Hours" in 2002.
Her Husband kidman urban won a gramy award in 2006 for best male country vocal, he is also a singer and guitarist..

The main thing to be notice here is she already has 2 kids whose father is the famous Tom cruise, but something happened miserable and now she given birth a baby for urban..
Her two childrens details..

# daughter Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise: born on December 22, 1992 in Florida; adopted by Kidman and Cruise in January 1993

# son Connor Anthony Cruise: African-American; born on January 17, 1995 in Florida; adopted with Cruise on February 5, 2001

and now kidman is a mother for 3 children.. she named the new baby as sunday rose.. In simple we can say Kidman gave birth sunday in monday.. :-)

Jul 5, 2008

Football Plays: Zinedine Zidane Headbutt in Indian Style

Jul 5, 2008


In world cup Football held last year the Hot topic was Zidanes headbut of Marco Materazzi, which creates many problems including racism, plenty of zidanes agitators gathered in INTERNET and smashed him with hard words. This also creates a Hot discussion that echoed in india too, though football is not famous in india but people love it to watch,
Here is a funny clip of zidanes hedbut, A small theme that what will happen if zidanes headbut dubed in indian cinema logic.

We know the Famous Hollywood, Like hollywood in india the 3 big Film industries are Bollywood (Hindi Language), Tollywood ( Telugu Language) and Kollywood (Tamil Language)

After hindi, Tollywood and Kollywood are rich in its funny productions, they usually used to add some logic less scenes for big stars,

Here is the animation of zinedine zidane's savage headbutt of marco materazzi in Indian Language Film themes.

First we go through if zidane's headbutt created in Tollywood Theme (Telugu Film Theme)

Zidane headbut

Zidane's hedabutt in Football ground in Kollywood (Tamil Film Theme)

Zidane headbut

People might ask why this kind of big things in this animation, here is the evidence,
one of the Kollywood(Tamil Language) Film casting Vijayakanth a big actor Tamil Film industrie showing his Heroism in that video, the director placed all the strength in his mustache.. ( Don't Miss to watch this 4 Second Video )

Is that funny !!!!!

Leave your comment please...

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