The spirit of entertainment arena is here in as the name says we are always possess towards the creative and innovative things in our blog.

We follow the protocol of W's, here is we that elaborating
What we are doing?
Who are we?
When we started?
Where are you?
How are we accomplishing?

  • We are doing just an interesting blogging, with more fun and innovative contents.  We do glance all the happenings around the internet blogosphere and shares the best and prominent coverage's to our blog reader
  • Answering the second "W" : we are just a happy bloggers ;)
  • We started this blog almost 4 years back(2008), though we were inactive inbetween due to some unavoidable circumstances, but right now we will knock your RSS window daily with more prominent and superb updates regularly.
  • We are in the non sense internet :D
  • We accept materials from our readers as well as from the archives of internet to share a best and most interesting part in the internet for the people who really needs relaxation daily.

We will assure you 2 daily gifts, (nothing but our blog posts) really you will feel happy after seeing our blog daily.  Start  your work with more Charm and Share your words without calm.  Storm is awaiting knock knock knock.

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