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The Hottest Place in the World: Top 10 places High in Temperature: Top 10 Hottest place

During Summer we feel so bad with sweat and hot temperature but think of what these people who live in such a hot places do.  Here comes the list of Top 10 Hottest places in the world Rank Place Country Temperature Extreme(F) 1 Al'Aziziyah Libya 136.4 2 Greenland Ranch United States 134 3 Ghudamis Libya 131 4 Kebili Tunisia 131 5 Timbouctou Mali 130.1 6 Araouane Mali 130 7 Tirat Tavi Israel 129 8 Ahwaz Iran 128.3 9 Agha Jari Iran 128 10 Wadi Halfa Sudan 127 Tags: Temperature , high , top 10

Top 10 Nations with Long Life Expectancy

Here is the list of Countries that shows highest life expectancy rate. Andorra  - 83.5 years San Marino – 81.6 years Japan – 81.2 years Singapore – 80.7 years Australia – 80.4 years Switzerland  - 80.4 years Sweden - 80.2 years Canada – 80.1 years Iceland – 80.1 years People who are living in these countries have hygienic circumstances I thought, these people leads a great life.  If this happens in biggest nations like china and India then plenty of political and natural disaster might happen…

List of Deepest Oceans and Seas in the world

Here is the list of Top 10 Deepest Oceans and Seas measured based on their average depth in meters referred from World Atlas Pacific Ocean – 3,939 Indian Ocean – 3,840 Atlantic Ocean – 3,575 Caribian Sea – 2,575 Sea of Japan – 1,666 Gulf of Mexico – 1,614 Mediteranian Sea – 1,501 Bering Sea – 1,491 South China Sea – 1,463 Black Sea – 1,190 These data were collected from world Atlas.

Speed Reading Technique

A re you feeling uncomfortable in reading slowly a heavy looks? here is some tips to improve your speed Reading. Reading is an art we have to read a lot in class as there are plenty of must need books are for students, they have to recall them whenever required. The surge of information inflow may sometimes make th assume some alarming properties. Many of them feels that reading speed would reduce their comprehension. But we can enhance our reading speed without loosing our comprehension. Average man reads 250 wpm(words per minute) = 50 to 70 % compensation , we can be master for reading more in less time. There are two efficient method i gone through 4R method SQ3R method It has been identified that Speed reading is not only felt by students alone, but also by all kind of people. Reading is a combination of physical and mental process, it is necessary to track a correlation between our mind, eye and mouth which pronounces the word. If we do this exercise