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A man grabs High Voltage Electric Train Wire to do suicide in India | Video 001

The world's fastest and most horrible death
      One man in India Blames everyone standing on the roof of an express train, he demands something and blames them he will hold the High Voltage Electric Wire Running over the Train if his demand will not be accepted.  Actually he was travelling in the Mahananda Express, en route from Delhi to Alipurduar. He had embarked upon the train from Aligarh.In his Procrastination he holds the wire and within fraction of second the High voltage passes his body and he dies with a huge sparks and fire. It is a worrying thing that people started using these kind of dangerous thing as a suicide medium. :(

Weak hearted Don’t see this please..


Man Proposes Electricity Disposes Do you know What are the voltages used for electric traction in india? Its 1.5kV DC and 25kV AC for mainline trains.
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Madurai Tamil Words | Slang of Madurai – TamilNadu – India

Some of the Madurai Tamil Words Translation Madurai Tamil English Translated Word Marutha (மறுத)Madurai varainga (வராய்ங்க)coming porainga (போராய்ங்க)going angittu (அங்கிட்டு) There ingittu (இங்கிட்டு)Here embuttu (எம்புட்டு)How much? ravuran (ராவுறான்)He is boring vyekyanama pesu (வீயகனமா பேசு)speak properly pottai (பொட்ட)girl kundaka mandaka (குண்டக்க மண்டக்க)irrelevant mundakalapa (உண்டகலப)plough patraya podu (பட்றைய போடு)sit and relax nkokka makka (கோக்க மக்க)collective term for cousin kolara poitu va (கொல்லார  போயிட்டு வா)take care posaketta paya (போசகட்ட பய)useless fellow seemennai (சீமை எண்ணை = சீம்மன்னை)kerosene imbutukandi (இம்புட்டுகூண்டு)very little roota kodukatha (ரூட்ட குடுக்காத) Don't tell lie vaiya porainga (வைய்யபோறாங்ங்க)They will scold athukaandithaan For that only ithukaandithaan (இதுகாண்டிதான்)For this only kudikaramattai (குடிக்கரமட்டை)Drunkard jaari (ஜாரி)beautiful woman aataya podu (ஆட்டைய போடு)Steal,theft yenney (அண்ணே)Elder Brother yekkah (எக்கோய்)Elder…