Nov 27, 2012


Nov 27, 2012

Reminiscance (n)

Synonym: recall

E.g:I'm full of reminiscences of the post

Nov 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Aftermath

Nov 2, 2012

All we know how hurricane Sandy turned every US Citizen’s life, and it disposes around $50 billion.  In US Hurricane Sandy effected at least in 24 states starting from FLORIDA to NEW ENGLAND on which sever damage occurs in New Jersy.  Here is the images that depicts the path of Hurricane Sandy(source: Wikipedia).



This hurricane sandy crosses over 5 countries and causes severe damages across the continent, the worst causalities reported are from US (till now) is as 90,  Even Obama government took so many precautive measures but though it causes sever damage(how effective sandy is!!)


NBC today announced how you can help Sandy victims (NBC)


The Table given below depicts the casualties and damages caused by the killer Hurricane Sandy across the countries it travelled.






Country Fatalities Missing Damage (in USD)
United States 90 1 >$20 billion (estimated)
Haiti 54 21 Unknown
Cuba 11 0 $80 million
Bahamas 2 0 $300 million (estimated)
Canada 2 0 Unknown
Dominican Republic 2 0 Unknown
Jamaica 1 0 $16.5 million
Bermuda 0 0 Unknown
Total 162 22 >$20.4 billion (estimated)


Aftermath Pictures (which I received in my mailbox):


Hurricane Sandy_001Hurricane Sandy_001002Hurricane Sandy_001003Hurricane Sandy_001004Hurricane Sandy_001005Hurricane Sandy_001006Hurricane Sandy_001007Hurricane Sandy_001008Hurricane Sandy_001009Hurricane Sandy_001010Hurricane Sandy_001011Hurricane Sandy_001012Hurricane Sandy_001014Hurricane Sandy_001015Hurricane Sandy_001016

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