Speed Reading Technique

Are you feeling uncomfortable in reading slowly a heavy looks? here is some tips to improve your speed Reading.

Reading is an art we have to read a lot in class as there are plenty of must need books are for students, they have to recall them whenever required. The surge of information inflow may sometimes make th assume some alarming properties.

Many of them feels that reading speed would reduce their comprehension. But we can enhance our reading speed without loosing our comprehension.

  • Average man reads 250 wpm(words per minute) = 50 to 70 % compensation, we can be master for reading more in less time.

  • There are two efficient method i gone through
4R method

SQ3R method

It has been identified that Speed reading is not only felt by students alone, but also by all kind of people.

Reading is a combination of physical and mental process, it is necessary to track a correlation between our mind, eye and mouth which pronounces the word. If we do this exercise in a regular basis, then we can achieve our goal in a more prominent way, what we read and understand from a book will depends upon our prior knowledge and atitude.

  • Improve your vocabulary

  • Be expertise in naunces of language

  • Improve GK and specific knowledge of the subject

The only thing we can do to improve our speed reading exercise is by doing some correlation exercise for eyes, mind and mouth and also by improving our comprehension .

We should not forget that all these form a part of rapid reading as well, if we start reading with a receptive mind, it will prove to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and not a doll chore to be shunned.

Find your Reading Speed:

  • To find your reading speed take a fairly easy passage without sketches, diagrams or numerical calculations of about (700-800 words).

  • Select a peaceful surrounding

  • Keep a stopwatch, paper and pen ready (stop the watch when you reach the end of the page note down the speed).


if you took 4 minutes and 12 seconds to read a passage of 777 words.

Time spent by you = 4m in, 12 sec = (4+12)/60min = 4.2 min

Your Speed = 777/4.2 = 185 words per minute.

This represents a low reading speed, through systematic training, you can increase it to 300 to 400 or more words per minute.

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