The Hottest Place in the World: Top 10 places High in Temperature: Top 10 Hottest place

During Summer we feel so bad with sweat and hot temperature but think of what these people who live in such a hot places do.  Here comes the list of Top 10 Hottest places in the world

Rank Place Country Temperature Extreme(F)
1 Al'Aziziyah Libya 136.4
2 Greenland Ranch United States 134
3 Ghudamis Libya 131
4 Kebili Tunisia 131
5 Timbouctou Mali 130.1
6 Araouane Mali 130
7 Tirat Tavi Israel 129
8 Ahwaz Iran 128.3
9 Agha Jari Iran 128
10 Wadi Halfa Sudan 127 Tags: ,,

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