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con·gen·ial/kənˈjēnyəl/Adjective:(of a person) Pleasant because of a personality, qualities, or interests that are similar to one's own. (of a thing) Pleasant or agreeable because suited to one's taste or inclination. Synonyms:sympathetic

No one can’t beat your Mother’s Care

This is the best Photo that depicts a mothers loveMy friend send this picture and ask me to post it in my blog.Photo Taken: Chennai, India

A man grabs High Voltage Electric Train Wire to do suicide in India | Video 001

The world's fastest and most horrible death
      One man in India Blames everyone standing on the roof of an express train, he demands something and blames them he will hold the High Voltage Electric Wire Running over the Train if his demand will not be accepted.  Actually he was travelling in the Mahananda Express, en route from Delhi to Alipurduar. He had embarked upon the train from Aligarh.In his Procrastination he holds the wire and within fraction of second the High voltage passes his body and he dies with a huge sparks and fire. It is a worrying thing that people started using these kind of dangerous thing as a suicide medium. :(

Weak hearted Don’t see this please..


Man Proposes Electricity Disposes Do you know What are the voltages used for electric traction in india? Its 1.5kV DC and 25kV AC for mainline trains.
Mirror 1
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Madurai Tamil Words | Slang of Madurai – TamilNadu – India

Some of the Madurai Tamil Words Translation Madurai Tamil English Translated Word Marutha (மறுத)Madurai varainga (வராய்ங்க)coming porainga (போராய்ங்க)going angittu (அங்கிட்டு) There ingittu (இங்கிட்டு)Here embuttu (எம்புட்டு)How much? ravuran (ராவுறான்)He is boring vyekyanama pesu (வீயகனமா பேசு)speak properly pottai (பொட்ட)girl kundaka mandaka (குண்டக்க மண்டக்க)irrelevant mundakalapa (உண்டகலப)plough patraya podu (பட்றைய போடு)sit and relax nkokka makka (கோக்க மக்க)collective term for cousin kolara poitu va (கொல்லார  போயிட்டு வா)take care posaketta paya (போசகட்ட பய)useless fellow seemennai (சீமை எண்ணை = சீம்மன்னை)kerosene imbutukandi (இம்புட்டுகூண்டு)very little roota kodukatha (ரூட்ட குடுக்காத) Don't tell lie vaiya porainga (வைய்யபோறாங்ங்க)They will scold athukaandithaan For that only ithukaandithaan (இதுகாண்டிதான்)For this only kudikaramattai (குடிக்கரமட்டை)Drunkard jaari (ஜாரி)beautiful woman aataya podu (ஆட்டைய போடு)Steal,theft yenney (அண்ணே)Elder Brother yekkah (எக்கோய்)Elder…

Indian Corporate true Story


You can’t find a husband like this | This husband is a gift for his wife | God decides all!!!001

This is the True Love Story i ever heard She must be lucky (Rosemarie “Rose” Siggins)
This is an example of a Tension free family life

She defeats her discomfort
And she is a mother of two

We Shall build a Temple for this Guy

We can Nominate her an Award for her courage towards the Life

Rosemarrie siggnis

Women World

You might have think if women rules the world, what will happen?1. Boys have to do delivery Job !!! and here is the lateral structure of such scenario.2. Obviously he have to carry the baby during pregnancy!!!3. All Historic Art will be like this4. All Traffic signal light will reflect women rules: Pedestrian light is no longer an anonymous toy, all labeled with women's gown.5. It is no wonder they will invert a wonder. 6. Oh gosh, Bowling too changed Pink 7. Biggest comedy in women's world, American Pro Football will have an uniform like this. what to say?? nothing…..8. Oh god Maxim too is no for girls.. All Gents Pictures.. For ladies it will be so hot. 9. Obvious Car alteration for make up kid in women’s world car. what will be the name of this car??9. WOODLANDS will produce the shoes only for girls like this. Woodland heels. 10. Where is the Horn here man?? Chances for accident?? but beautiful accident huh..!!! 11. This is not Mobile Phone, it is Make up phone11. Thank go…