Sep 8, 2009

YSR Air Crash Snap | YSR(YS Rajasekhar Reddy Andhra CM) Crash Site Pictures | YSR Flight Accident

Sep 8, 2009

This Post has some Disturbing Images, People having weak stomach and heart problems are not advised to scroll further. Watch at your own risk

On sep 2, 2009 YS Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) who was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, India had disappeared, his helicopter was missing when it crosses Nalamulla Forest Area.

Map picture


This was the first time a mega search hunt was organized to search for missing CM, 24 hours had passed and there were no news about YSR, tension increased in the state, Heavy rain interrupted the search hunt, Government launched plenty of helicopters around that forest to search the CM, Finally on 3rd sep 2009 morning 9:30 the rescue team found his helicopter broken into pieces in the dense Nallamula Forest area, they identified the spot via a mobile Phone SMS signal, the Rescue team communicated the kurnool base camp that YSR is dead and his body is charred, also they identified all the other personals who travelled along with him. Everyone in India shocked on hearing the Chopper crash, All the news channel seeking hard to grab first picture of the accident spot. Now the photos taken by rescue team leaked in internet, an anonymous blog reader sent me a mail with these crash photos, and i am publishing this one for you. If you are weak hearted don’t see this images please

Lets Pray his soul to rest in peace

 Crash Photos

 Nallamulla Forest Area (40 Nautical Miles East of Kurnool)


Crashed Helicopter (view from Rescue Chopper)


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