Feb 28, 2013

Meaning behind Dreams: Here is the list some name meanings and website dictionary meanings

Feb 28, 2013

Here is the consolidation of my Word of the Day Daily post.

Read and Learn :)

Name Synonyms Antonyms Example
Ado (n) Fuss, bustle Calm There was much ado ever the celeb
Maverick (adj) Individualistic cantormist He's a moveric Politician she lulled the child
Ambivalent (adj) Unsure Certain He was ambivalent about marriage.
Reminiscance (n) recall _____ I'm full of reminiscences of the post
Impetuous (adj) Hasty careful It was an impetuous decision
Instigate (v) Start, arouse end Don't instigate a fight
Dawdle (v) Loiten, idle hurry Don't dawdlw, help me
Fiend (n) evil angel Don't act like a fiend every time
Procarious (adj) tricky safe Precarious plan
Bratty (adj) ill mannered mature It was a bratty remark
Skittish (adj) fickle nervous It's a skittish horse
Stolid (adj) impassive, dull lively Don't be stolid participate
incongruous (adj) inharmonious consistent Your opinion is incongruous.
Retreat (n) Shelter, havel _______ The Library was his retreat.
Appalling (adj) horrifying appealing It was an appalling sight.
Strident (adj) loud, harsh soft He made a strident demand
Humongous (adj) enormous Tiny The dragons were humongous.
Stalmate (n) dead lock progress The stalemate still continuous
Imminent (adj) near, at hand distant The merger's imminent
Tirade (n) abuse, outburnt calm None stopped his tirade.
Angst (n) anxiety comfort Try to get over yourangst.
Felicity (n) Joy unhappiness It gave me immense felicity.
Arrant (adj) absolute, utter partial He's an arrant fool
obviate (v) Prevent allow Let's Obviate a confrontation
Temerity (n) avdacity cowardice I admire his temerity.
Sloth (n) laziness zeal Get rid of your sloth
Lynch (v) Hang, Kill ______ He was lynched for the crime
Ostentatious (adj) showy modest Stop being ostentatious.
Volatile (adj) Impulsive, unstable calm I'm in a volatile mood
Dither (v) hesitate, waver decide don't dither while talking
Tardy (adj) late, delayed punctual The train is tardy
Sarutiny (n) Inspecion glance The report is under scrutiny.
Accomplice (n) ally enemy Is joe ur accomplice in the crime?
Spin-Off (n) byproduct The deal would have a great spin-off


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