Aug 15, 2009

Here comes the Real Hot Dogs

Aug 15, 2009

According to Wikipedia “hot dog (frankfurter, frank, wiener, weenie) is a moist sausage of soft, even texture and flavor, often made from mechanically recovered meat or meat slurry. Most types are fully cooked, cured or smoked. It is often placed hot in a special purpose soft, sliced hot dog bun”.

Do you think the words above is the Real meaning of Hot Dog, no no? Just scroll down you can catch the Cute Hot Dogs.

The Real Hot Dogs

The_real_hot_dogs The_real_hot_dogs (1) The_real_hot_dogs (2) The_real_hot_dogs Cute Hot dogs(3) The_real_hot_dogs  Hot Dog Roller(4) The_real_hot_dogs famous hot dogs	(5) The_real_hot_dogs _the puppy(6) hot dog cart_the pug hot dog (7) hot dog cart (8) The_real_hot_dogs best hot dogs(9) The_real_hot_dogs _best hot dogs(10)

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