Jul 18, 2009

What will Happen If India’s Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) used in Iran’s Presidential Election 2009

Jul 18, 2009

What will Happen when India’s Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) if used in Iran’s Presidential Election 2009

Election in Iraq Justice

The Guardian reported on 17 June 2009 that an Iranian news website identified at least 30 polling sites with turnout over 100% and 200 sites with turnout over 95%. On 21 June 2009, the Guardian Council (an organ of the Iranian government) stated that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of eligible voters in no more than 50 cities, something they claim is a normal phenomenon which has taken place in previous elections as people are not obliged to vote where registered. (The Wikipedia Report). Do you know how that was Possible?, They might use India’s Electronic Voting Machine!!

This will happen only in IRAN

iran voting machine

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