Jul 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Ghost Mystery | It was not a Ghost | its neverland’s worker shadow

Jul 8, 2009


Actually CNN team Larry King Live was on Neverland Ranch a week after 50 year old Michael Jackson died, that time they took a video, at that time no appear to spot any strange thing in the video captured, but after the viral video spread over the internet people digg deeply and identify some ghost like structure was crossing the background of one of the live shots in the hall, the ghost like shadow or structure crossing the corridor left to right and disappearing in the wall, but LARRY KING the program host of Larry king live on CNN clearly explains that it was not a Ghost, it was a worker who passes in front of the light and hence the shadows, due to the distance of the Camera the shadow is blurred in vision and it resembles like a ghost. Larry King explains this story and the mystery solved.


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