Jul 7, 2009

Indian Electric Train Horror Part 2 | Photo 002

Jul 7, 2009

Blogging world already murmured about the Electrocution of a man in the top of a train, people lament about the suicide hardly, but here, this man accidentally fall into Electric Train Track (Chennai’s Suburban Electric Train) and within a fraction of minutes Train arrives, but this man took a wise decision instantaneously and moved to the corner of the train Track and trapped between the gap of electric train and platform, but he escaped (watch the image below).

He is the luckiest man. Just defeats his death.




he says: “Oh God! i am still alive, thanks for the mercy shown”

man_escapes_from_electric_train (1)


you know at least 4 people die by electric train accident every week in Chennai, it’s clearly shows the lack of safety measures in the busiest train stations.

Electric train india platform


In this image you can figure out the gap between Train footpath and platform.

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