Jul 3, 2009

A Cute Proposal | Tinky and Pinky

Jul 3, 2009

Here is a Cute Love Proposal


Tinky Cartoon Image 

Name: Tinky


Age: 5


Sex: Male


Passion: Love


Name: Pinky


Age: 5


Sex: Female


Passion: Escaping


Tinky fall in love with Pinky and send her a mail


Dear Pinky,
I love you.  My dream I see you.  Everywhere you.  You no, I live no.
I come red shirt 2morrow.  You love I, you come red frock.  I wait down
mango tree.  You no come, i jump train.  Sure come...

yours lovely,


Std, 1B

Nursery School

But Pinky Answers !

Darling, your letter mama see.  Papa beat me beat me so many beat me.
I cry. i cry.  So no come to mango tree.  No jump train.  I love you.
See another day.  I no red frock.  Only green. 

You love me, you love me you green shirt.  Give I gift.  I see you with Dinky
Where you go..  NO talk to her.  Okay My dream also only you.

yours lovely,


Std, 1B

Nursery School


Cute isn’t it.

You can now tell the moral of the story.


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