Dec 5, 2008

Chennai Law College Clash

Dec 5, 2008

November 12, 2008
It was a bad day for Law makers, In chennai, Tamilnadu, India. The caste related clash between two students group at Chennai Law College, actually this attack (shown in video) is a tit for tat, the persons who attacked two days before took a revenge against these fellow boys, the biggest drama was, all these scenario happened inside the Law College, and the Police is watching outside, (mercilessly) even a dog has mercy to save his neighbor, this police gang just waiting for an order (for what? to kill those boys) to enter into the law college premises. After this we can now describe what is the meaning of police.
P- Polite – Now way they are polite to others
O-Obedient – Never seen one so far
L-Loyal–Who cares
I-Intelligent– opposite should fit for them
C-Courageous–Same opposite
E-Eager to help–Eager to watch the Riots and Corruptions.

People having weak stomach don't see this please


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