Jul 12, 2009

Bruce Lee Match Stick Stunt using martial weapon Nunchaku

Jul 12, 2009

We already saw Bruce Lee Playing table tennis with Martial Weapon but in here he is doing some different thing, but with the same martial weapon Nunchaku. He is just smashing the matchstick to fire it with his nunchaku coated with suitable ignition material on the tip. the match box side ( mixture of red phosphorus, powdered glass and adhesive composition ) is pasted in one side of Nunchaku. When it strikes the match stick gets flame.
Get into the action:
The real stunt here is Bruce Lee(alias) is supposed to strike the match stick which was thrown by other co stunt worker. (see the video) here we must accept one truth, without concentration we can't do this, concentration of work is the caption for all martial arts, and the person (Bruce Lee alias) who is doing this stunt must get a higher grade in Concentration Subject (:)).


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