May 15, 2009

Weekly Site Review: Bored Unbored me

May 15, 2009

While surfing net by afternoon i got bored at some time, so i typed in Google “unbored me” then i got a cool blog Bored.. Get unbored , Wow what a cool blog, i explored the blog fully and i got really active again, really that blog unbored me. Here is some evidence why it unbored me. Here is the snapshot of the blog

FireShot capture #11 - 'Bored ___ Get unbored' - unboredme_blogspot_com


This blog has plenty of funny images which definitely make u to laugh.

Tell me a Secret

Tired of Life

How to get a free mamogram

The ugliest dog


Also some interesting article there

Scrubs the end

Please go sue cold play too

5 things list

and plenty more, just surf there and get active.

Here is the twitter profile

There is also a separate group on facebook for this blog


There are plenty of followers for this blog, i am one of them obviously.


If you want to get attracted to this kind of interesting article, then subscribe this blog


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