May 20, 2009

Weekly Blog Review | Cute Pictures

May 20, 2009

My ultimate collection of cute pictures among many categories (kids, nature, flowers, animals, scenery, photography, painting, space, spiritual, cinima, sports etc. ) Warning- some of the pictures are just darned ugly, some may offend but not pornography, due to my sense of humor. I know you like them!!!

If you are looking for a blog that provides a perfect blend between a photo blog and a good humor, then you will want to check out CUTE PICTURES. CUTE PICTURES is the good blog for anyone who loves human interest pictures.

This blog has been created by gans, my friend, who was my junior in college. He uses the blog to share his ultimate collection of cute pictures, and give a nice look at these pictures by comprehensive labels among various kind.

You can see this through any of the label name which include: Quotes, Greetings, Love Pictures, Friendship, Kids, Nature, Scenery, Flower, Famous Personalities, Photography, Funny, Animals, Spiritual, People, India, etc.,

The nice thing about this blog is, most of the pictures are available as wallpapers.
Visitors can subscribe updates of this blog via RSS feed by mail or reader, which is available on blog.

Here is some of the Best Picture i loved most in that blog.

image image

image image


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