Dec 17, 2008

Rajni’s Endhiran is now produced by Sun Pictures – Photo Gallery

Dec 17, 2008

Tamilnadu’s Super star Rajni’s Recent Film Endhiran is now handed over to Sun Pictures.


Kalanidhimaran the CEO of Sun Network Limited is now in his ultimate privilege to produce Endhiran.

In that Introduction Interview held in Kalanidhimaran house Rajni said it is a great thing that i am doing for sun pictures added it is his first film for sun pictures.



Robot : Enthiran: Endhiran

endhiran endhiran endhiran-01 endhiran-02

If the Production handed over to sun pictures indicates that Endhiran is out of cost. Hope it is the Richest film and the best film in the world.


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Please go see in theatres not in DVD


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