Dec 2, 2008

Prayers has a very Good healing Power

Dec 2, 2008

     According to a survey of 31,000 people by America’s National Institutes of Health, prayer is the most commonly used form of alternative medicine.     This is obvious thing that spiritual people tend to be optimistic and have more self-esteem and social support, factors that improve health, bereaved people who used religion to cope needs fewer doctor visits than those who didn’t.

     Other researches shows that prayer improves heart disease, hypertension and cancer.

     The idea that faith can heal is controversial but recent studies reveals some positive results.  In a 2004 American Study of 838 hospitalized older adults, those who were more religious had fewer symptoms of depression and better cognitive function than patients who were most spiritual.

     Doctors in Italy & America made a study and retrieved the positive results of prayer.  In that study over 999 cardiac patients from an American heart Institute those who unknowingly had other praying for them fared better than heart patients who didn’t receive intercessory prayers.

     In other study which had conducted during 2004, people who had strong faith were more optimistic before undergoing heart surgery; also other studies have shown that prayer promotes healing post-surgery.

     And hence have a little faith and lower your risk of medical illness.  Prayer does all.!!


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