Dec 25, 2008

Obama Fan Club in Tamil Industry: Obama Style followers

Dec 25, 2008

Here is the Fans of Obama in Kollywood Film Industry, after Obama’s victory some of the tamil stars changed their styles with obama gesture and even they changed their names … :) LOL :)

Meaning for Obama has given below.

Obama Kamal and Obama Vijay

Obama Kamal and Obama Vijay

Barack Ajith and Barack Rajni Obama

Barack Ajith and Barack Rajni Obama

Meaning for Obama:

  • US President Obama was reportedly named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr
  • Barack , is a Swahili name that has its origins in the Arabic language
  • The original Arabic root of the name (B-R-K) means "blessed.
  • Barakah = blessings from God (feminine version of the name)

Senator Obama's middle name is Hussein, which was his grandfather's first name

Obama = The name, of Arabic origin, means "good" or "handsome one." It is common in Muslim Culture.

Tamil for Obama
Obama  = ஒபாமா = நல்லது (or) அழகு = Beautiful or Handsome.


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