Nov 4, 2008

Exit Interview

Nov 4, 2008

     Most cases in our carrier life is an uneasy part while quitting a job, I felt in person for my way, we have to pack them a genuine reason’s so as to satisfy and hence they will give you experienced certificate and settlements ina good manner, in my previous office one man behaves in a manner which is against the HR(not satisfying him) he made that person uneasy to complete his formalities and made the procedure harder for that person alone.

     But with some good advice I got all settled in a good manner.  Here I'm sharing those tips with you.

While exit interviews may ruin a reference or cast a black mark on any background check that future employers may do on you so b e careful.


  •      Here are a few things you need to bear in mind when preparing for an exit interview.

Some usual questions in exit interview is

'”What is your reason for leaving the organization?”

“How would you improve the department”?

     Just Prepare for this kind of questions prior to the interview.

  • Keep your answers brief
  • Keep your tone positive and ensure you only deliver constructive advice.
  • Avoid personal overtones or animosity.
  • Don’t rampage attempt against anyone in exit interview by letting their names out.  because, what you say in the exit interviews will be recorded for posterity and you will never know whose hand it will end up.
  • It is therefore important that you stick to facts and avoid mentioning names.
  • You could have a discussion with HR off-record, but avoid putting anything incriminating on paper.
  • Keep your personal opinions to yourself about your boss or your colleagues wrong doing.
  • Give a fair reason for quitting that everybody accept that
  • If you felt something wrong with the way of company’s policy, just have a descent meeting with the boss or HR and elaborate them these things should not come again for other employees.
  • Give your feedback in a timely sense, be specific and should be given with the intention of creating a positive impact.
  • An Exit Interview is also an excellent chance to get organizational feedback about your own performance, so put it to maximum use.
  • Don’t lie in Exit interview, the purpose for Exit Interview is to get a positive feedback and so fabricated answers are not doing any good to either you or the organization.

     So guys follow these guideline which i was thought before quitting my job and got a successful carrier.

  All the best for your Exit Interview.


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