Nov 7, 2008

Don’t Reuse Water Bottles it might Harm Your Health

Nov 7, 2008

Don't reuse water bottles_Hot Discussion

By reusing the water bottles we think that we are helping the environment, but it is a false thing.  Researchers say reusing could be risking your health because “ Dangerous bacteria and potentially toxic plastic compounds have been found in the types of water bottles we usually reuse them.

A canadian elementary school made a research on its school kids water bottles.  The researchers discovered that the bacterial contamination is found in about a third of the samples collected, and some samples had faeal coliforms.  The bacteria probably come from the kids hand and mouths over time as the repeatedly used the same bottles without washing them or allowing them to dry.

In Other hand while cleaning or killing bacteria might accelerate the breakdown of the plastic, potentially causing toxic chemicals to migrate out of the bottle and into the liquid inside.

All water research organization advices not to reuse the water bottle instead try to recycle it.


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