Nov 24, 2008

The best way to find skilled manpower

Nov 24, 2008

     Many countries have different kind of talent's but it is vitally important to notice that the talent is relevant to most demanded one in that country.  If a country or province naturally owns that kind of scenario will show soaring development.

     Being an Indian I'm very much eager to analyze how the talent is being identified by the eminent corporate and some developing companies.  For a job seeker it is mandatory protocol to post their resume to plenty of job portals.   Thanks to these job portals they provide free subscription to post the graduate’s, experienced or novice's profile.  These job portal’s do have plenty of resume’s so it is easy for a talented person to get exposed to their desired job oriented company.  One more interesting thing is Monster has revealed that they have over 2 crore resumes!    Naukri = 12 million job seeker’s database and similarly for other job portals too.

     For talented people these portal’s will be like a bridge to communicate them, so they get plenty of offer’s, employers bargain these people for the best salary.

     But still some companies are struggling to choose right candidate this is because it is also harder to mark a correct candidate from only portals alone, rather it is not possible to analyze their interpersonal skills etc., if job portals design in this agenda, surely a correct job is not a thirsty thing for a right candidate.

     But with this defects HR’s & recruitment team of various companies go for some job consultancy to grab people.  These consultancies motto is to collect various kind of peoples resume and contact them whenever a job opening arrives to their concern.  They will collect all those details and submit them to the company do need man power.

     Plenty of new portals like are totally like web 2.0 platform, which is more navigation friendly design, if you want to show your profile professionally, just have a tutorial to practice linkedin advantages. This has 19 million registered users.

     It is a big bombardment between social community sites and job portals, we can market anything we like via social networks ( Like promoting a product) this is why spam’s are being created somewhere plenty. e.g orkut, faceboook are suffering severely because of spam’s.

     But in our topic wise analysis job seekers and employers do not go for these site’s to hire prople and search job’s, they come here to socialize, but in some percent a smart recruiter can actually find the perfect candidate there.

    But we can’t afford a correct data there in these social networks. Eg., in orkut it is very very harder to identify the correct name of a person, every person using their passion words as their profile name.  So the best way to choose a correct manpower is to view their talent's in individual. Shortlist the talented guy, select the person from portal as per your requirement.

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