Oct 20, 2008

Prevent Hair Fall: Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Oct 20, 2008

  •      Eat more pulses, seeds, shellfish and meet so that dandruff and a dry scalp can get more zinc.
  • Reduce sugary foods for greashy hair.  Wash your hair with the mildest shampoo available.
  • Lacklastre hair could have some vitamin A deficiency.  It is advisable to eat 2-3 egg’s a week and plenty of carrots, dried apricots and dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Reduce your stress, it has no direct cause of hair loss but can worsen it.  Stressed people are often low in B-Vitamins.  Eat more whole-grain cereal, oily fish, yogart, eggs and milk.
  • If you’re taking contraceptive Pills and suffer hair loss, ask your GP about changing to a formula with less progesterone.
  • Maintaining correct iron levels is vital for hair growth.  If you don’t eat red meat take a supplement.

By following this at least you can reduce your hair loss by 35% naturally.


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