Oct 27, 2008

Job Interview Tips: Techniques & Tips for finding a new Job

Oct 27, 2008

One of the vital threat today is unemployment, People do search throughout the days just for a temporary employment. The worst case scenario in our life we face is searching a job. I do have plenty of experience in searching a job, you may get interview tips, job interview questions, job questions, job advice, job techniques from your seniors who placed in a good corporate. I too have plenty of experience in that and i am gonna share here some tips that best suites your job hunting in a better way.

Keep in mind abut this job guideline this could help you all the time, your job can come to an end at any time, so get prepared to go for a job search again for your betterment in career. No ne openly owe a job for you. You have to search a job, you have to choose some best tactics in searching a job.

Do not ignore any ads in some newspaper opportunities column, classifieds, etc., do answer tem, if you reply to job postings and forward them your CV’s but this alone not sound’s much, you have to do some literal things confidently.

If you still don’t find any then change your tactics. Here I'm describing some effective job searching tips.

1. Chat with some successful Job-Hunters:

Find a Person who has most success in his carrier, never mind he might be an acquaintances, just have a discussion with them and grab what they did for job hunting. Try to implement it in your job search strategies.

2. Don’t Lament Your unknown, Tell People what you are looking for!!

If you want 10 hands to do a job then you have to go for 4 some others help, in that sense just ask your friends , family members, distance relation, new friends school friends, neighbor, college alumni and persons you know about your necessity of job you looking for and ask them to inform you if there occurs any vacancy that suits your profile.

3. Search the Job you like most, don’t go for maximum available jobs (For long run)

Don’t trust on what is freely available outside, march towards your destiny(dram job). For this effective communication is more important, u might visualize that some internet portals or magazines are not up-to date. Even Search Engines doesn’t show you sudden update of a website. So the best way to update is by keeping contacts with people and ask them to go the availability in anywhere and enquire them about how he or she got the job. your motto is to collect the information alone, this will help you to decide what you want.

4. You can do marketing for job search: Use Telephone and e-mails

In your answering machine, open up voice mail box and make a recorded voice saying that “Hi, i’m vinoth, now engaged in job hunting, i’m looking for accountant job and hence if u come to know about the relevant opening then do inform me, Thanks for your patience and now leave your message:. By doing this you have created a good job marketing.

Also in your mail vacation responder, you can add some custom message. Actually vacation responder’s are a reply mail delivered to people whoever mail u, (if u turn On that function) in that you just add your own custom message like this

Hi there,

Thanks for the mail, now i’m in job-hunt for account’s job, looking forward a word that relates the opening for this job from you if you heard about any, kindly reply me.

Thank you

Yours Obediently


Like this you can do some marketing to search for job. Not only this kind do all kind of marketing you had.

5. Stay strong mentally and financially by persistence.

You must be so strong mentally as well as financially, so that you can able to march towards your goal at a long run (if happens). Don’t put any benchmark in time of job search, if you seek a high quality job then it must take some time, the higher the salary you are seeking, the time will get longer can take. I’ve mentioned here to be persistence, which symbolically means sending an 3-mail resume (a softcopy) and a hard copy of your professional curriculum vitae and following them a phone call.

You then directly visit the place which shows interest in you also enquire them about the vacancy position has changed.

If you want a successful job seeker don’t search for a limited job and loose heart at the time of not availability, this is what idiots do, they go rest after searching some job, don’t give up at all cause, without a job, don’t let this happen to you, keep on trying.

6 .Don’t Expect to search exactly the same job you previously worked

If you enjoyed the last job you searched then don’t expect the same kind of job again, may be you can find this, but be prepared on one thing that is being changed in this globe might be jobs do get vanish also some jobs are being created. So mark a correct tag for the job. Also do other work’s successfully in relevant to your target.

7. Make a cheer group to support you

Encouragement is the stepping stone for success just join a cheer group which is so jovial in your locality or take some job hunting classes, interview tips, job questions at some course centre’s or @ universities or colleges.

If you never find any, then create a one. I heard most of the job hunter’s create a group in some networking sites (orkut, facebook, myspace etc.), and in some chatting sites. do update all time with those sites regularly. If you “Victorious” then “be discipline”.

8. Job search in different organization don’t stop just a single, also concentrate on smaller organizations

Don’t restrict your job search in one place alone, if one company ignores you then don’t stop job searching keep going on in different organization. Keep in touch with an organization where you want to work. Even if there is no more openings there then keep an eye on the company about any notice is put up. Also don’t search only for large organizations alone. You see most of the small organization not advertise on newspapers or in TV as they are little bit costlier. Big MNC’s and many corporate with huge money alone advertise in newspapers, if you never find any new jobs from these large places, then you might figure that there is no more opening. This is a big mistake. Read thoroughly all newspaper and note that which small firm is hiring. Talk with everyone you can and keep on updating about small business openings, that is the reason i’m insisting on small organization too.

9. Use the everlasting communicating equipment telephone

If you make more calls regarding your job searching or for interview scheduling then success is yours. This one seems to be tougher one to do, but if you do then you succeed. While doing a call fallow some guidelines given below:

    • Elaborate them about your personal skills, talent and strength and also give them brief about your experience.
    • Phone them in their leisure hour
    • Ask them about some one with your skills and background
    • Have a discussion, if you ‘ve done something in the community, work that into the conversation.
    • Always thank the person before signing off whether they gave you a job lead or not.

10. Don’t get disappointed if one employer doesn’t want you then choose other employer

There are 2 kind of employers, one who is ignore your defects and faults and specially give importance to your talent alone, another is too different he must need all necessity that a company needs, and so if you suppose to meet 2nd category HR, don’t get bothered just ignore them and move on to some other employer.

At the same time don’t get weird about the rejection: don’t get disappointed, if you get plenty of “ Not Selected” word, then your success word “ you got a job” will be so fruitful.

So guys this is how i can able to share my knowledge in job-hunting. All the best for your best job.


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