Oct 29, 2008

Get well Soon: A healthy General Hospital Stay

Oct 29, 2008

General Hospital Happening:

     One of the Hospital in my locality thought their patients to feel at home and advice them some tips to get their healing so faster and leave the hospital premises as soon as possible.

     Here is the tips i found there

Focus the light inside your Room at General Hospital:

     One of the study says that patients in sunny rooms needed fewer pain killers than those in darker ones.  Light seems to trigger serotinin release, which may ease pain, so guys please make your room more sunlight gloomy.

Keep out Noise, Get melodies in:

     Sleeping well is the key hole for a quick recovery, we can’t see any big hospitals are too calm.  They might be too noisy coz of crowds and hence to keep out of those disturbing noises u just bring some headphones or noise cancelling headphones or cotton.   You will feel more comfortable.

Have your own dress:

     There is some protocol in some of the hospitals that they provide some costumes, ask the doctor to wear your own clothes, because a study reveals post-op patients in their own clothes tended to walk more than folks in hospital gowns.


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