Oct 21, 2008

Always Tired? Here are some tips to reduce your Stress and tiredness

Oct 21, 2008

People always felt tired, and for those who are too fatigue the case worses too much. if your fatigue is not due to an underlying illness or drug side effect, lifestyle changes can make a significant difference.
Always have a complex diet:
Have food which takes long time to digest. Complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain foods as well as fruits and vegetables.
Break big meals and have multiple small meals:
Eating multiple small meals throughout the day helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, prevents tiredness.
Be fit always:
Exercise increases high oxygenated blood to reach your brain and muscles which also increases the number of blood cells in the body. It makes your sleep better too.
Switch your allergy medicine:
All over the counter antihistamines may cause fatigue. See your doctor about prescription allergy drugs.
Get magnesium rich foods:
Eat Magnesium rich foods including whole grains, green vegetables, bananas, legume nuts and seeds.
Avoid isolation:
Avoid isolation, which can lead to boredom and depression, both of which can fatigue, join a club or community association or became a volunteer.
Nix nicotine:
Smoking lowers the oxygen levels in your blood
Following this tips you can be tension free man also can reduce stress and have a peaceful life.


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