Jul 9, 2008

Iraq Terrorist Attack: Bomb | Bomb Attack | Bomb Video | Truck Bomb

Jul 9, 2008

The worrying thing in Iraq is their peace gone away due to several terrorist attack, we might heard about the bombing in various country due to terrorist attack, but we have to show our condolence to the people who died of that attack, you know how cruel it is... !!!

NYtimes latest report shows some of the worrying thing...

The new statistics record a rise in terrorist attacks on nonmilitary targets globally to 14,338 in 2006 from 11,153 in 2005, with an increase in deaths to 20,498 from 14,618. But Iraq alone accounted for nearly half of all the attacks and about two-thirds of fatalities, according to the report, “Country Reports on Terrorism, 2006,” posted Monday on the State Department’s Web site.

Really we have to condemn about that, Here i found one of the cruel video that shows the effect of iraq attack... Alash... So so cruel it is.. Lets stop war and Terrorism and grow Peace between and Inside the nation.

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