Jul 21, 2008

India: Tamil Film Actor Rajni Kanth Beats Worlds One of the Richest Person Mukesh Ambani's Salary

Jul 21, 2008

Rajni's sivaji beat several records, it was a mega budget project, also RajniKanth bags the amount of Rs 20 Crore plus from that film alone, for that he gave the callsheet of only 100 days, it is not a matter here.

for kuselan his salary would be more than he earns from sivaji, this is the point here to take a deep breath,
Whether Rajni's per day salary beat's Mukesh Ambani's Salary due to Kuselan's salary to rajni??? this is the question to mark here..

Here is some little calculation how he beats mukesh ambani..

Rajni breaks his own record for a star who bags higher salary in India, no one in india collects this much of huge salary, but he never wantedly need that all because of his star value.
Some of them in Kollywood murmering that Rajni's salry in Kuselan is about Rs. 23 crores,
also one thing we have to make a mark here is Rajni only gave 15 days callsheet for his portion of shooting in kuselan.

For 2007-2008 Mukesh Ambani's Single man Salary calculated to be Rs. 44 Crores per annum (10.67176 million U.S. dollars), if we diveded this into 365 for per day salary, it would touch Rs 44crore/365 gives Rs. 12 Lakhs(aprox) ($30317.5) per day

For Rajni Kanth, Kuselan Salary is Rs. 23 Crore (5.57842 million U.S. dollars) if we calculate it for one day it would be nearer to Rs.2 Crore 53 Lakhs..($606350) ( Bravo )..For this 15 Days. So in this 15 days he ears Rs. 2 Crore 53 Lakhs per day.

Did u get this calculation?, that is why i am saying Rajni Kanth earns more than Mukesh Ambani in per day basis.

At the same time Kuselan's overall shooting finished within 75 days at a cost of 5 crores, however some rights for the film already sold over 65 crores at an average.

This is called Star Value of Rajni, who satisfyes his fan's dream..


  1. hi super star,

    u r only one super star in the world.am proud of u to tell a fan for u.
    vijaya ragavan

  2. super star is always super star , for your kind information pl dont compare with Super star with any person, dont say that i am fan of super star, see he having spl. style than any one else,
    in next ten year i also can get rajini salary but i cant become rajini,

    super star always is super star..


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  4. hi superstar,

    super star is always super, he is the person having highest fans in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  5. You aren't counting the off days of Mukesh Ambani! Only Saturdays and Sundays will count 52*2= 104 days! And there are public holidays! His total working days would be far less than 365days! Next thing, he is getting salary from a fixed job! If Rajni doesn't do a film after finishing one, he is loosing per day income!!

  6. Hey dudes, Just think how he became super star. It is in fact because of us. So first be proud of your achievement and realize what is your salary when compares him. All are illusion, he will say but will he act without money as money is also illusion. Right?

  7. I dont think its true Mukesh is the richest man in India and Rajni is no were near

  8. rajini is rajni.he is the superstar always in india cinema and second highly being paid actor in asia. every indians knows about rajni.if you don't know the u r stupid in this world




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