Jul 15, 2008

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool now showing Search Volume Numbers | is that Boon or Bane?

Jul 15, 2008

While surfing net I accidentally saw Google Adwords Keyword tool and i was amazed that it showing the search volume, On seeing this i was shocked about this google's new update, because whether it gives good or bad things for online marketing people.

This addition of search volume numbers will help a lot but in the same time we have to think in another perspective, in the past times people used inventory.overture tool for knowing keyword count which is a yahoo owned product, now Search engine mamooth google itself providing its own count volume for google searches, by doing so all the marketing people will then only focus on google search engine and they will forget all the other SE's (especially yahoo).

What happend to yahoo?? What happend to their keyword (inventory.overture.com) tool??
In olden days google never let any quantitative datas for their all other results, but now they do, why?? to create a high competetion ?? or a marketing strategy?? Here is the snap of inventory.overture.com search result

Particularly SEO's will use only this services for their Site Optimization, It is hard to discuss about this Good new feature of Google.

In Google Adwords Keyword tool new search volume, all the search volumes are approximate volume of last 12 months searched, here is the Google Adwords help link..
I just highlighted down the approximate data on that page down here,

  • Search volume fluctuation: Web traffic is influenced by seasonality, current events, and a number of other factors. The level of search volume on your keywords, therefore, is constantly fluctuating.
  • Location and language targeting: If you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign's country and language targeting (if you target a region or city, only the country will be reflected). If you use the standalone or external Keyword Tools, your country and language selections will influence these statistics. Learn about the different versions of the Keyword Tool.
  • Match type: The Keyword Tool's statistics vary depending on your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If you select Broad or Phrase, the tool will factor in certain variations of your keywords that could potentially trigger your ads. Learn about keyword match types.
  • Date range: The Approx Search Volume [Previous Month] column shows search volume statistics for the last calendar month. The Approx Avg Search Volume column shows average monthly search volume over a recent 12-month period.
So with this approximate value people can judge their hot adwords that has good CTR's.
Already google is dominating in its own way in internet field, by adding feature like this it will totally submerged its competent.

Google's domination is like Umbrella corporation in the film Resident Evil :)

Yes, Google's domination will make some pain towards its competetors, so google will rule the world in the future.

The biggest success strategy of google is it delivers what people needs and passion towards work, thats the reason it totally stumble the www.

It also shows some numbers in google trends also.
One big thought that whenever a company going towards its peak some hypocryters will do their best to drop from its place, that is being happen in google, in google trends a spam attempt was conducted to make people think that this result is fake, here comes the picture as an example that shows the shwastika symbol,

which is famous in India by means of worshiping lord vinayak, also a tilted is a hitlers symbol.. but it had a high traffic for that particular symbol...

what to say??? it s all about google.. and i am sure that google will develope some kind of suitable softwares to hack these spamers out, every one hate em rite??? :P

But showing count volume in this big crowd that has plenty of intelligent engineers creates a heavy competetion between the peers.

Is that Boon or Bane??

you decide !!!!

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