Jul 8, 2008

Forbes New Survey on Top Richest Person: In 2017, which country will have the most billionaires?

Jul 8, 2008

Growing Economy of India paves several other countries a faint in its Lap, All due to a Rapid growth of a Particular Country , accidentally i saw a survey of forbes which is being taken for "In 2017, which country will have the most billionaires?" ( you can surf forbes website and make your vote there) What make me to get amaze is the results of this survey as on July 08, 2008.

Yes India leads the Race, Its a Humble moment for Indians, The Results soon will get retrieved and India will deliver much more Billionaires to the world. After Independence it is a big revolution even with a huge corruption in politics side, India stands in its style.

What to say about population, it is a boon as well as a bane theory for researchers!!
For Business mens India is a big land to market their product with social media marketing and media marketing with huge population in its advantage,
On an another side for Government it is harder to seperate welfare fund to distribute all to the last man of the village.

On July 08, 2008.
14:05:51 / 2:05:51 p.m. (GMT) the vote details Including my vote are as follows (Total Votes Recorded by the time is 20346)

India - 46%
China - 21 %
United States - 18 %
Russia - 6 %
Japan - 2 %
Brazil - 2 %
Canada - 1 %
Germany - 1 %
United Kingdom - 1 %
France - 0 %
Don't Know - 2%

Here is the snapshot of the survey page i have taken...
It is true that Top 10 Billionaires list has 4 Indians in its row..

  • Steel giant Lakshmi Mittal placed fourth with 45 billion dollars at 4th Place,
  • tycoon Mukesh Ambani placed fifth with 43 billion dollars at 5th place,
  • Anil Ambani at sixth position with 42 billion dollars
  • Property magnate K.P. Singh came in eighth on the list, with a fortune estimated at 30 billion dollars.

Lets wait until the whole result get published.. Till then lets discuss in blogs and give your comments..

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