Jun 13, 2008

Dasavatharam Kamal | Dasavatharam Movie | Dasavatharam 10 Avatar - Review

Jun 13, 2008

Dasavatharam 10 Avatar

Dasavatharam (தசாவதாரம )the Movie released with a big brand market, released over 21 theatres, in chennai and its surroundings at first day 135 shows has been made, In other states also it has been released, but kamal did a careful notice here, that sivaji didn’t screened with sub-titles in other states, but in other states dasavatharam released with sub titles, Hindi dubbed version will be released soon .

The 10 Avatars of Kamal in Dasavatharam

1.Brahmin: Rangarajan Nambi

2. Scientist: Govind

3. Former CIA officer: Keith Fletcher

4. An Old Lady: Krishnaveni Paati

5. Fighter: Chinese Martial Arts Teacher

6. Tall Muslim: Kalifullah Khan

7. Telug RAW Police Officer: Balram Naidu

8. Dalit Activist: Vincent Poovarahan

9. Pop Singer: Punjab Pop Singer (Avtar)

10. American President: George William Bush

The Story:

Avatar No: 1 The Story Starts with the first avatar Rangaraj Nambi with an incident taking place during chozha dynasty, and this first avatar of kamal then immersed into water. This avatar is questionable one, after this useless avatar story moves into avatar 2.

Avatar No: 2 Govind a Scientist who discovered a BIO weapon which destroy even a country but he then realized and want to demolish it, but some of US Govt people and other not liking this. So he ran away from the lab with Weapon but he was followed by a former CIA officer Keith Fletcher Avatar No: 3 who is supposed to be a villan, to destroy other countries.

By mistake the weapon is couriered wrongly to an Indian address where paati kamal lives.

In India Balram Naidu a CID Officer (Avatar No:4) who is supposed to be a humorous person take a pursuit of caching the thief fletcher & co. who escapes from airport with Govind at Gun Point. Then Both of them fight themselves in Search of the Courier address to chidambaram where Krishnaveni Paati(Avatar No:5) Live

So Govind follow up with that address and he then followed by Fletcher and Malika a language translator. Without knowing the serious of the weapon krishnaveni paati put it into a Vishnu statue..Malika will then died in a pursuit of the Statue with Goivind Kamal.

After a long chase the introduction of other Avatars pursuing the weapon are then introduced. A Japan martial arts teacher (Avatar No.6) thirsting to take revenge on Fletcher, but actually he was thought wrong about Govind was murderer of his sister. Vincent Poovarahan (Avatar No.7) a Dalit activist is a Man who makes all to Cry at the climax, a tall Muslim Khalifullah Khan (Avatar No. 8) and a Punjabi pop singer Avatar Singh (Avatar No. 9), George W Bush (Avatar No.10) are included in the long chase till the Tsunami grabs the Weapon…

In the Climax Fletcher grabbed the Bio weapon from Govind in this situation Japan Kamal (Avatar No.6) realizes that his sister was killed by Fletcher and do a fight with Fletcher, he broke his hand and leg, but Fletcher eats the Bio Weapon which will then spread into air will destroy the country, above all they need Nacl ( Sodium chloride) is a solvent which compress the emission of the Toxic which comes from the Fletcher who eats the weapon, Suddenly Tsunami Arises, this scene is developed supebly which depicts a real tsunami, so Sea water which has Salty nature has abundant Nacl saves the life .

Kamal in the climax made a questionable questions as he was an Athiest.

Sweet Asin too played a good role here with Childish Maami Character.. So Sweet....

Kamal Hasan dream comes true, with the great brand name audio cd had launched with the participation of Tamil Nadu CM Mr. M. Karunanidhi and the Hollywood Super Stunt Hero Jackie Chan.

If Jackie Chan will never get amazed on seeing this movie, because dasavatharam is an Indian style movie, but Jackie Chan movies are world standard with a big story with big realities, Hats off to Kamal he is showing a best thing an Indian can do for his people… Yeah he is showing somewhat different to the Indian Cinema, that’s his speech sounds vibral…

Kamal wants to keep an eye on make up... Atleast in the Next Film we will see the singing Skins.. because his make up allows him to move only his mouth.. he unable to do any expressions with his face, it hides a good actor's face expression inside... Hope kamal will do immense care in his make up in his forthcoming film..

Review Rate: 4.5/5

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